Upload & Bind your SSL Certificate to WordPress Azure App Service


Hi, After I create my personal blog using Azure app service I want to add additional security on my blog with my custom SSL.

There are some requirements you need to do before bind the SSL on your Azure apps services:

· Make sure your web service is not in the Free or Shared tier.

· Acquire an SSL Certificate from a trusted certificate authority.

Requirement for your SSL certificate

To use a certificate in Azure app service, the certificate must meet all the following requirements:

· Signed by a trusted certificate authority

· Exported as a password-protected PFX file

· Contains private key at least 2048 bits long

· Contains all intermediate certificates in the certificate chain

Upload your SSL certificate

1. Login to https://portal.azure.com

2. From the left menu, click App Services, and then click the name of your web app.


3. To upload your SSL certificate, click SSL certificates in the left navigation of your web app.


4. Click upload certificate.


5. In PFX Certificate File, select your PFX file. In Certificate password, type the password that you created when you exported the PFX file.


6. When App Service finishes uploading your certificate, it appears in the SSL certificates page.


Bind your SSL certificate

1. In the SSL bindings section, click Add binding.


2. In the Add SSL Binding page, use the dropdowns to select the domain name to secure, and the certificate to use.


Note: if you have uploaded your certificate but don’t see the domain name(s) in the Hostname dropdown, try refreshing the browser page.

In SSL Type, select whether to use Server Name Indication (SNI) or IP-based SSL.

· SNI-based SSL – Multiple SNI-based SSL bindings may be added. This option allows multiple SSL certificates to secure multiple domains on the same IP addess. Most modern browsers (including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) support SNI.

· IP-based SSL – Only one IP-based SSL binding may be added. This option allows only one SSL certificate to secure a dedicated public IP address. To secure multiple domains, you must secure them all using the same SSL certificate. This is the traditional option for SSL binding.

Click Add Binding.

3. When App Service finishes uploading your certificate, it appears in the SSL bindings sections.



All that’s left to do now is to make sure that HTTPS works for your custom domain. In various browsers, browse to https to see that it serves up your web app.


Enforce HTTPS for WordPress

Install WordPress Force HTTPS, this plugin will force your website to https.




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